BUJO CELESTE - Black Light Truth (EP 2017)

by INCH Productions

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released April 14, 2017



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Track Name: In Direction (...of light)
In Direction (of light)

The scars inside my mind
lost reason and blood don't flow inside the vein
everything becomes spectral before my eyes
I wish to float in the deep black void
without a truth

black light in wich to lose

black light that wraps the truth

The stars begin to fall
inside my destiny
Lost words are burning alive
on the first sun
Again the light of june
illuminate my path
I wish to float in the deep light void
without a truth

Through your end
you know the truth
Track Name: Shake

I look for my vision
Behind the shadows of truth
the rotten talk to my feet
I tell them, across the Universe

She said to shut up
There is no beautiful mind
because the void lies in you
Tere is no wonderful vision

Shake, I'm ready, shake! Through the dark

I try to free myself
From the lie of your perceving
Will no fire to warm me
Frost will arrive to annihilate
My Heart

I find the tree
I find you free
You are so free
Everything is lost...
Track Name: Black Sun Sets
Black Sun Sets

Organic breath of life
that animates
all sacred sick bodies
Flowers die in the barren land

Black Sun sets
in your clesr certainties

Infected blood that feeds your fears
flows away
From your helpless chest
The false life that fades in your eyes
is the reflection
of the breath of the abyss...
Track Name: Beyohd The Light
Beyohd The Light

Guide me across the border
of your eyes
save me from the fire
of lies of life.

Beyohd the light there is a truth
Beyond the light there is a mind